Our Realms


Approx. 200+ RERA REGISTERED CHANNEL PARTNERS work with us for giving PROJECT a far more local penetration.

This is a total variable model, where 140 professionals work under one umbrella to sell our product on a variable basis.

We have 21 BTL agencies empanelled and they take the permissions or approvals from Housing societies, Malls, Corporate etc.

We will send their RMs to generate leads or give presentations to their staff on your behalf and do the venue selling through a team of worksite professionals. Leads will be distributed to tele-callers to arrange for a site visit and 2nd team of closure experts sitting at our site will close the sale for us.

WE have a creative and innovative marketing team headed by top professional from the industry.

  • Capitor Ventures believes in innovative marketing techniques. Lead based marketing is key to success in real estate.
  • Product based and lead based marketing
  • Prime focus on PR and articles
  • The marketing constantly envisages in designing creative products.
  • The marketing spearheads innovative and creative product launches.
  • The marketing team also assists in making and creating brands.
  • The technology driven new generation lead creation is very essence of Capitor Ventures marketing team

We have 9:00 – 7:00 dedicated outsourced call centres.

  • It helps us in managing all the leads, follow ups.
  • Our inbound and outbound calls will reach to all type of audiences which will lessens the burden of our sales force to do follow up calls to customers.
  • Capitor Ventures offers Call centre services to developers as a product

We are associated with India's known designers, who have been able to conceptualize an apartment with a living area, sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom, patio & a utility balcony within a built-up area of less than 300 sq ft.

Smarter space utilization, due to unique patented angular wall design, no passage apartment and zero door swing area giving better usable area.

Optimum utilization of space due to unique convertible apartment design well designed top brands of India for instance bedroom can be utilized as living in day hours by using sliding doors and foldable furniture.

Capitor Ventures currently provides home loan assist via a dedicated partners

  • With his expertise and financial market connect just provides customized home loan solutions.
  • Capitor Ventures also design home loan solutions for its clients in association with leading NBFCs
  • Capitor Ventures app will help in taking pre sanctions before sale to avoid cancellations
  • Capitor Ventures’s Dedicated disbursement team ensures clients get disbursement money on time, and developer his money.

Capitor Ventures has a unique model of partnership – ownership based international sales model.

  • They provide residential team in the markets they operate
  • All international sales are via an event based model
  • Capitor Ventures provides perennial annual sales support to developers in the international cities that they operate
  • Capitor Ventures also provide digital leads in international markets
  • Capitor Ventures undertake multicity, multi developer events in these dedicated markets.
  • WE have a world class training team to handhold Developers sales force.
  • We will do need based training programs for all the verticals including back office staff.
  • Innovative selling skills for all sales professionals
  • Real estate market updates will keep sales force up to date on all developments in real estate.
  • Capitor Ventures undertake multicity, multi developer events in these dedicated markets.