Our Team

Our Team


We are a team of sector specialists. Experience, knowledge and innovation are the three important pillars that our team of real estate specialists is built upon.

The group’s deep-dive and comprehensive approach covers various dimensions of real estate behavior and since we are a advisory company, our advice and analysis is completely unbiased. We can therefore boast of offering not only an exhaustive database of real estate performance, but also advisory services that are unparalleled in the industry.

With unparalleled experience across asset classes, our team boasts of industry specialists who have designed and successfully executed strategies from the conception to delivery phase of numerous projects of leading developers.

From sales, marketing, alliance, finance, Business Strategies team Capitor Ventures has the right mix of experienced professionals to manage large diversified portfolios. We believe imagination is the key to success and, as an organization, we proudly promote employee empowerment to build successful stories for us and our partner developers